It’s time to clean out the unused crap from our closets. Do you have any unused, perhaps expensive, crap hiding in your home? Have you ever bought something to help you feel emotionally better one day, to fill a short term desire, or to splurge? Did you get some use out of it?

Let’s Squawkback about all the silly things we’ve spent our hard-earned money on only to hide it away. Got any gadgets, toys, clothing, gear, or pretty plastic things cluttering your home with zero use?


Question: What 3 things have you bought but never used?

Fox’s Answers:

  1. A Snowboard. Stupid sport this snowboarding. I gotta pay 60+ bucks just to get lifted up a frozen mountain only to slide down it on my a$$. Fun.
  2. Leather 3-inch stiletto boots. These boots are sexy as hell. Too bad I can’t walk in them.
  3. A pair of skinny jeans. I have hips, what was I thinking?

Your turn! Share your silly purchases by Squawking Back!