The salesperson offered the gal a 10% discount for a wool cardigan missing a button. If the picky gal hadn’t snubbed the deal, she would have saved $8.50 (plus tax) on a high quality sweater with a fixable flaw. Since the extra button was still attached, I offered to take the cute cardy off the salesperson’s hands for 15% less, and went straight home to play with my sewing kit.

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My trusty Mason jar sewing kit has been one of my secret money saving tools for years. Sure, I’ve pocketed a few extra bucks negotiating discounts on blemished clothing, but my simple sewing skills have mostly helped me mend the quality gear I already own. Extending the life of your loved clothing can save you some serious cash, and doing the work yourself may save you from paying a seamstress to do a trivial repair.

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Unhinged hems, missing buttons, teenie tiny holes — it’s all fixable if you keep your tailoring tools handy and in working order. To help you get your fabric fixed, go ahead and convert a Mason jar into a sewing kit with a pincushion lid — you’ll have the cutest kit on hand to put most mending needs in stitches. It’s the perfect gift for students, new homeowners, maybe even husbands, or anyone who gives a darn.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit: Stuff you need

You’ll need to collect sewing items to put in the kit, as well as the bits and pieces for building the pincushion lid.

mason jar sewing kit

To build a pincushion lid:

Sewing kit items:

  • thread in basic colors: white, black, beige, navy, green, brown, red, gray
  • small scissors
  • measuring tape
  • needles (assorted sizes)
  • straight pins
  • safety pins (various sizes)
  • seam ripper
  • buttons — extras saved from clothing
  • fabric pencils
  • small containers (optional)
  • Fray Check (optional)

Gift Option: Mending Kit in a Jar

It’s a well known fact that I like to stick things in jars. I’ve squished fish (not real ones), I’ve baked pies (real ones), and I’ve stuffed some strangely themed things into Mason jars. So it’s no surprise that I suggest stuffing a few sewing staples into a jar as a thank-you gift too, but you’ll need a few sewing instructions to complete the craft.

how to sew a button
Download: How to sew a button

Mason Jar Sewing Kit: Instructions

A few easy steps to sew up this project.

sewing kit

STEP ONE: Separate and trace. Separate the Mason jar lid sealer and screw cap. Trace the lid sealer onto the cardboard. Trace another circle one inch larger onto your fabric.

jar sewing kit

STEP TWO: Cut and cushion. Cut out both circles. Plump up the fabric circle by stuffing the batting between the cardboard and fabric circles.

jar mending kit

STEP THREE: Glue cap. Assemble. Turn the screw cap upside down, and sandwich fabric, batting, and cardboard pieces together neatly. Glue down fabric around the exposed cardboard, then stick the top of the lid sealer to the cardboard so the fabric is cleanly contained. Press firmly, and screw onto Mason jar until glue is dry.

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sewing kit jar

STEP FOUR: Fill. Fill your sewing kit with mending supplies of your choice, and top the pincushion with a few needles.

mending kit

STEP FIVE: Mend something. A few instructional videos for your (improved) sewing pleasure.

How to Sew Buttons, Snaps, and Hooks

How to Hem

How a Stitch is Made

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