Over the years I’ve written a lot of back-to-school posts, and a few studious articles too. Some are fun, some are a little serious, and a few went viral. Everything from frugal lunch box ideas to ways of paying off student debt can be found in this roundup, folks.

It doesn’t matter if your top student is a kiddlet, in high school, or a soon-to-be college graduate — there’s a little money-saving love for every age and stage. Being a student is tough enough these days, so here’s a look back over my best back-to-school articles for your scholarly bunch.

1. Lunchables for less

I sliced turkey, counted crackers, weighed cheese, and added up the total cost for a less expensive lunch box friendly snack. Parents, crunch into these healthy savings and watch your lunchable lovin’ kids smile!


2. Healthy lunch box ideas

What’s in my lunch box, mom? Stop the guessing game with this photo gallery of ten healthy school lunch ideas for under two bucks.

lunchbox ideas

3. Sew a sling backpack for less

Use leftover fabric pieces, old shirts, and even a torn pair of jeans to make a fun (and frugal) sling backpack for gym class or as a between-class rucksack. It’s in the bag with these simple instructions and easy-to-follow pictures.


4. Save on packaged kid food

Skip the expensive prepackaged carrots, apple slices, and snap peas and save lunch money with this fun snack craft.

healthy snacks

5. Thrifty ways to cut back-to-school costs

Don’t go back-to-school shopping without these 12 thrifty tips to save on clothing, school supplies, and electronics.

back-to-school shopping

6. Pay off your student debt

I’ll never forget the feeling of graduating from school with my degree in one hand and starting a new life with 17K of debt in the other. To put it bluntly, the feeling stunk. Don’t let student debt get you down.

student debt

7. Score textbooks for less

Skip the college and university bookstores. Here’s where to buy used textbooks or rent copies for cheap.

used textbooks

8. Smart students have a budget

Download my free Student Budget Planner to get through school with less debt and worry. This post is part of my popular budgeting series.

Student Budget Planner

(There’s a budget planner boasting a Canadian flag for the Canuck students too, eh!)

9. First Apartment checklist

Going away for school? Use my dorm room checklist or first apartment checklist to set up your college residence room for less.

first apartment checklist

10. Survive a student trip to IKEA

Don’t be a DOMBÅS. Shop at IKEA the smart way by outfitting your dorm room or first apartment with the stuff you really need. Here’s how to get a deal on all things Swedish.


BONUS: 11. Resume Writing

Students in search of study placements, cooperative education positions, and first jobs may need to sling a resume and cover letter together. Sorry.

Get the job done by browsing both my resume writing and cover letter crafting series. Or just start with the viral post: 6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck for an icebreaker.

Follow these links and you’ll find free resume templates and cover letter examples for your downloading pleasure.

free resume template

Happy back-to-school savings to all students, parents, and grandparents out there!