Looking for a simple sewing project for your leftover fabric? Since many of you are looking for frugal and free ways to decorate for the holidays, why not try this little softie Christmas tree pattern! It’s a fun way to use (or reuse) worn clothing, bits of fabric, and odd buttons.

Softies are basically stuffed felt and fabric toys. They are fun to make, easy to design, and cost next to nothing if you’ve got some sewing notions kicking around the house. As far as sewing projects go, this one is super simple. Just make a cone, sew on a circle, stuff, then decorate. Done.


If you make one of these softies big enough, you can save some bucks on bark by leaving the real Evergreen trees in the forest. Or just take a pass on buying artificial Christmas trees. Anytree, you don’t need serious sewing skills to stitch a forest using this free sewing pattern. This little sewing project creates a softie Christmas tree standing about 6 inches tall. Get creative and have fun playing with the pattern dimensions to sew slimmer or plumper versions.

Get Your Free Sewing Pattern


Download: Softie Christmas Tree Sewing Pattern (PDF)

Sewing Project Ingredients

  • Free Sewing Pattern
  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Pieces
  • Beans or Rice
  • Polyester Filling
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Notions (buttons, ribbon, or other tree decorations)

Sewing Project Instructions:

1. Use pattern to mark fabric with 1 cone and 1 circle base.


2. Use scissors to cut 1 cone and 1 circle base from the fabric.


3. Add tree decorations like buttons and ribbon before sewing tree (optional).


4. With cone inside out, use sewing machine to sew sides of cone with about 1/4 inch seam.


Do you like my old Singer Sewing Machine? It’s a vintage 1960s Singer Featherweight. My mom got it for me eons ago, for Christmas.

5. Pin circle base to cone. You may need to play around to match the cone to the circle base, depending on fabric.


6. Stitch circle base to cone with a 2 inch gap (for turning right-side out). The cone and circle base are now a softie tree. Turn softie tree right-side out.

7. Use polyester filling to stuff the softie tree. Do not pack too loose or too firm.


8. Use rice or beans to weigh the tree bottom for standing.

9. Hand stitch the opening closed.


Now get creative and plant trees for any frugal occasion! Seriously, this is a fun project for all sewing abilities.

Doing any handmade sewing projects this holiday? Got any Christmas tree decorating ideas?