I’m launching an anti-crap campaign. I want you to say “NO” to buying crap. I can’t think of a better way to improve one’s wealth, health, and self than to kick the crap habit. Like any drug, crap has a cost. Crap hits your wallet, abuses the environment, and needles your health both mentally and physically. The sources of crap are vast and deep. But the most insidious forms of crap are financial crap, food crap, and consumer crap.

Financial crap encompasses all those terrible investment products which make dealers big money and bleed investors dry. Investments like mutual funds with high MERs, principle protected notes (PPNs), segregated funds, and whole life insurance.

Food crap is all that packaged processed product displayed prominently in grocery store aisles, vending machines, and the freezer section. It seems the food scientists and product marketers have hijacked our health and sold us on packaged portions of phony foods.

Consumer crap can been seen on any suburban street bursting out of homes and spewing across yards. Consumer crap includes the gadgets, toys, and pretty plastic things filling our land fills and cluttering our homes.


I want you to get high on life, not crap. Here are five reasons to kick back at crap.

1. Crap is “whack”:

Most of the stuff out there is crap. Go to any store, turn on any television, or surf any web page and chances are you will be whacked in the face with crap. Crap permeates and seethes into every market imaginable. I see consumer crap in shopping malls, I smell food crap in grocery stores, and I hear financial bull crap on business television. Learn to smack the crap before getting whacked.

2. Crap rots your brain:

This is your brain. This is your brain on crap. Marketing machines are mavericks at getting your brain hooked on crap. They know how to appeal to your senses, your emotions, your desires, and your bank account. They make crap sound important, needed, and affordable. Musical marketing messages get under you skin and into your veins by mapping your brain to buy crap. Marketers needle their way into your wallet by launching crap, unveiling crap, and convincing you to upgrade crap. The hit is quick, pleasurable, and intoxicating.

3. Crap kills:

Crap kills our environment and rots in our landfills. Look everywhere and you see the causalities of crap corroding our landscape. Crap food kills people by rotting our arteries and poisoning our blood. Crap food fails to nourish and causes disease and obesity.

4. Crap is addictive:

Ever notice why you buy crap? Crap is bought to perhaps help feel emotionally better one day, fill a short-term desire, or as an unplanned splurge. You get a crap fix, the rush heightens, and then you need another hit to bring the warm feelings back. For some reason we hoard our crap until we’ve stuffed our bodies and homes full of cluttered mess. Perhaps this crap collecting is a throw back from our hunter and gather days when we needed to store and stash our stuff for times of scarcity. Perhaps crap collection is something we’re hard-wired to do and we don’t have a sense of being stuffed.

5. Crap is disposable:

Something weird happened to the value of stuff from my grandparents era to today. Back then, stuff was honored, maintained, shared, and passed down from generation to generation. My grandparent’s stuff lasted and was expected to be useful year after year. Today, stuff doesn’t endure the test of time. It becomes obsolete, discontinued, deprecated, and abandoned. We garbage and consume crap quickly and fiercely. Crap is a disposable and insatiable addiction.


Just say “NO” to crap!

Just say “NO” to buying crap. Say no to the shopping stupor, the toxic food cravings, and the promise of financial bliss. Stop chasing the crap dragon. It’s possible to kick the crap habit by investing in quality products and whole foods. We vote with our dollars. The more we vote for quality and the less we vote for crap the better our health, our wealth, and our self.