The malls are a mess and I find myself in the precarious position of needing a few more presents for under the tree. Translation: I’m a little freaked out.

Now, I normally have all my holiday gift shopping planned and done by early fall thanks to my handy Holiday Expense Tracking Spreadsheet and a little thoughtful pre-planning. But after getting married, packing my suitcase, and heading off to Europe on a honeymoon (with Carl), I’m seriously behind this year.

Maybe you are too. So I’m going through my holiday archives and sharing the most popular posts for those facing a last minute dash to get to the holiday finish line. Don’t let a little holiday stress cost you.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

These are silly, helpful, mostly useful, and fun.


Yes, you can do a little holiday giving for a buck or two.

dog gifts toys

The S’mores in a Jar are my personal favorite.

gifts in a jar

Stocking stuffers, gifts for friends, gifts for teachers, and family gifts don’t have to cost a lot.

gifts in a jar

Sneaky Santas can turn Christmas into a holiday hunt.

gifts for men

Tiny tarts make the perfect hostess gift!

pie in a jar

Christmas Decorations

Skip the costly kitsch and decorate your table with the stuff you already own.

christmas table decorations

Making homemade crackers is a snap with these step-by-step instructions.

christmas crackers

Spruce up your home without the pine needles.

softie sewing patterns christmas trees

softie christmas tree printable sewing patterns

It’s a Wrap!

You don’t need to spend a cent on wrapping paper.

gift wrapping

Top your gift with a cheerful homemade gift tag. Add a little paint, use a colorful marker, or get the kids to crayon outside the lines.

gift card thank you card

Finally, don’t stress over any of this holiday stuff. Your family (probably) still loves you. And it’s OK if the cat topples the tree (again) this year — it’s only a dang tree. Love, Kerry