I wanted a decorated tree. I have a barfed on Jumperoo, and a dog who needs a bath. Our makeshift Christmas tree is perfect, really. It’s a true symbol of the havoc the first year of parenthood wreaked on our household. Little time, less money, dwindling patience.

OK, we also needed a barricade to keep the baby from eating, climbing, and otherwise impaling herself on a proper tree. Safety first, people.


Anytreetopper, sometimes you have to make do with the stuff you have, and I’m OK with that. I wanted a big evergreen tree with pretty, shiny ornaments. I chose to stick with the stinky dog and dirty Jumperoo. A tree costs money. A baby gate costs money. Washing the dog is free.

I’m feelin’ pretty awesome with what I have. Getting grumpy over the the absence of holiday glitz is silly. Don’t you get grumpy either. Loving what you have in life is the best gift of all.

Happy Holidays you guys!