Today marks the second “Blogiversary” of this digital space known as Squawkfox. When I started this blog two years ago I never thought that anyone would stop by to subscribe to my squawks or would want to snicker at my wacky words. I was wrong. You’re all laughing with me — or at me — so yay! 🙂

Over the last two years this blog has grown beyond the bounds of my imagination with millions of visitors, over ten thousand subscribers, and too many comments to count. Thank you for spending your valuable time here. It would have been pretty darn lonely squawking by myself, without you. In these two short years I’ve met many amazing readers, received many heart-warming emails, and have enjoyed my travels across the blogosphere with many amazing bloggers.

To celebrate Squawkfox’s two-year blog anniversary (Blogiversary) I’ve rounded up the posts you liked best. Based on visits, comments, Twitters, and emails received, here are your Top Squawks from 2009!

1. 6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck

You wanted to know why your resume sucked, so I told you. I needed to say something about crappy resumes after spending weeks trying to fill a few open positions at my place of employment. The prospects applying to the jobs were talented, but their resumes really stunk. So I downed a glass (or two) of vino and squawked out this snarky post.

Within the span of 24 hours, 6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck hit the front pages of Digg, Delicious Popular, and Lifehacker. The traffic was so intense that my blog host died and took hundreds of other blogs down with it. If your blog was hosted on my server, I’m sorry for the catastrophic failure. Smile.

I’ll never fully understand why this post resonated with almost a million readers this year, but it did. I guess the moral of the story is — don’t drink and blog. 😉

6 words that make your resume suck

2. The Best Things in Life are Free

I introduced you to my friend Simon and shared a short story about a very long bike ride. The story is only 320 words. The bike ride was 112 miles. This is my favorite post and I’m humbled that you loved it.

bicycles trek bicycles tandem bicycles
This is an actual photo of Simon and me. Many people ask. Now you know.

3. 6 Action Words That Make Your Resume Rock

I guess 2009 was the year to put some polish on your resume because you all wanted your resumes to rock. This post hit the front pages of Digg and Delicious. I had to move to a new server and pay the big bucks to prevent another catastrophic blog failure.

resume words action words

4. 5 Ways To Screw Your Credit Card Company

Credit card companies can be sneaky sneakers, and it’s not hard to fall prey to the power of plastic. You showed them by sharing your legal ways to stick it to them!

credit card bad credit credit cards

5. My name is not really Squawkfox

You wanted to know my real name, so I told you. Thousands of people “Googled” my name the day this post went live. I guess you were looking for some good digital dirt? Snicker. Or maybe this post was so popular because I shared the secret to getting laid? Silly, I know.

my name is kerry k taylor

6. Free Printable Workout Log

You wanted to get fit and not spend a bundle at the gym, so I shared my workout log with you. This little exercise tracker helped me train for and complete two Ironman Triathlons. This post also hit the front page of Lifehacker.

free printable exercise log workout sheet

7. How to Buy a Slow Cooker or Crock Pot

You love your slow cookers, and I had fun sharing my thoughts on the humble crock. The slow cooker is a fabulous way to stay frugal and feed a family for less. Yum.

slow cooker crock pot how to buy

8. The Killer Credit Card Calculator

You wanted to reduce your credit card debt faster. I don’t blame you. Paying more than the minimum balance is key to killing that plastic debt and this Credit Card Calculator is just the tool to prove it. Warning, results may shock you!

credit card calculator

9. 3 Costly Life Insurance Policies to Avoid

I landed a gig writing for the MSN Sympatico Your Money Blog this year and managed to ruffle a few financial feathers with this post on life insurance. It seems that Insurance Agents, Brokers, and other Policy Peddlers got miffed when I shared the secrets to buying better life insurance policies for FAR less money. Go figure.

Well, I received LOTS of email from angry agents. One in particular shared his rant, and then apologized for his poor punctuation and spelling because his assistant was on vacation. So, if you don’t want your hard-earned policy premiums being spent on vacations for assistants and for agents to gripe at bloggers then give this post a read. You might just get more coverage for less cash.

life insurance policy to avoid

10. 14 Things to Do Before and After a Car Accident

I nearly lost my head (and husband) this year when a set of flying wheels flew off a truck and struck our car. Our car was totaled and I spent weeks having nightmares about eating an airbag. Not tasty. The outpouring of email from you guys was amazing, and I thank you for sharing your personal stories of similar experiences. Who knew flying wheels were so common.

car accident crash subaru

11. 4 Swiffer Cleaning Hacks for Cheaper Dust-Free Living

I felt a little bit silly showing you my Swiffer hack, but you liked this simple way to save money on refills while doing something good for the environment. PLUS: it works great on pet hair. 🙂

spring cleaning tips dust swiffer microfiber

12. 397 Ways To Save Money

You all must like free s$it, because after introducing my first book,
397 Ways To Save Money, I decided to give away a few signed copies to some savvy readers.

397 ways to save money giveaway
There you have it — one popular post per month of this crazy year. Thank you for reading the blog, following me on Twitter, and chatting with me on Facebook. Let’s see what Squawks I can muster in year three. 😉