I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. While promoting my book the media have consistently asked if I think we’ll return to our spend-thrift ways after the recession. I’m always stumped with this line of questioning because I’ve never been good with predicting the future.

So I want to know what you guys think. Let’s all raise a crystal ball, summon the Ouija board spirts, and consult our Magic 8-Balls (you owned one right?) and attempt to answer the most important money question of our time:


Question: Do you think frugal living is just a fad? Will we return to our spend-thrift ways after the recession?

Fox’s Answer:

Since I’ve never been a “spend-thrift” I can only be what I am – and that’s a quirky gal who lives below her means, who values the work needed to earn a dollar, and who loves to save money.

But enough about me. I honestly believe there will be a lot of people who will continue with frugal living. I’ve seen this scenario with my grandparents who lived through the Depression and they never changed their “money minding” ways. Besides, having money is always in style and working less has always been my fad.

Your turn! Is frugal living a fad? Are you a reformed spend-thrift just waiting to spend big bucks after the recession?