Don’t panic. There are still a few days ’till Christmas. Lots of time. Since a few frantic readers have emailed looking for more holiday help, I’m doing this final festive post. Most of these gift ideas can be had at your local store or made by hand at home. Some items can also be purchased online in time for Christmas shipping. So don’t fret. Life is too short.

I’ve also linked to some popular holiday posts, including wrapping gifts without paper and free printable gift tags. Free is frugal. If all else fails, give your loved ones a big holiday hug.

10 Frugal and Homemade Gift Ideas

There are lots of frugal and affordable gift ideas to choose from in this article. Everything from books, to mittens, to tea pots, and fab finds for the eco-minded. Many of these items can be found close to your home.


Beginner Digital Cameras

Cameras are very useful and generous gifts. The prices of digital cameras have fallen in the last few years. A quality digital camera can now be had for under $100. So take aim and shoot for a digital deal.

  • Beginner Digital Cameras (that won’t break the bank)


8 Homemade Gifts in a Jar

Steal some of the ideas from this insanely popular post. Do download and print the free gift tags too.


6 Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Free, printable, and ohh so cute. Download the whole set to use on your gifts.


11 Ways to Wrap Gifts without Wrapping Paper

Get creative and save some bucks by wrapping your gifts without wrapping paper. Be sure to read the readers’ comments. The readers are smarter than me (which is a good thing).


Got any last minute gift ideas to add? Have any frugal festive finds you wanna share?