What’s playing on your iPod? My iGadget thingy boasts a sizable playlist of 80s bands, a mishmash of modern and classic tunes, and a multitude of money podcasts. Yeah, I like to rock out with hair bands after listening to intelligent banter on bank accounts, the economy, credit cards, and retirement savings. I doubt I’m alone. 🙂

1. NPR’s Planet Money

NPR Planet MoneyCalling all Earthlings! The fiscally responsible (and highly entertaining) vocal stylings of NPR’s Planet Money podcast will beam you down to the same level as high rollers, brainy economists, and regular folks in a fun and accessible way. Easily my favorite, this down-to-earth 30-minute podcast makes sense of the global economy without a single note of pretentious babble. Recent shows — Freddie and Fannie’s Rise and Fall, Economic History of Cheapskates, and 4th Graders Read A Credit Card Agreement — are educational, entertaining, and a whole lot of interplanetary fun.

BONUS: RadioLab

RadioLab PodcastBONUS: My absolute favorite podcast on the whole dang internet is WNYC’s Radio Lab. There’s nothing like it. It’s not about money, but if you love amazing stories featuring interesting people, science, music, and a wealth of experiences then this show is a MUST. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab is produced by WNYC public radio.