What’s playing on your iPod? My iGadget thingy boasts a sizable playlist of 80s bands, a mishmash of modern and classic tunes, and a multitude of money podcasts. Yeah, I like to rock out with hair bands after listening to intelligent banter on bank accounts, the economy, credit cards, and retirement savings. I doubt I’m alone. 🙂

Anyways, after downloading a few money podcast stinkers (they gave me the snores), I’ve wiped my iPod clean and I’m ready to reveal my playlist of money podcasts worth a listen. Whether you’re driving to work, walking the dog, or jogging a few morning miles, one of these ten money podcasts could teach you something fun about frugality and family finances for free. Buying an iPod thinger will cost you a few bucks though.

1. NPR’s Planet Money

NPR Planet MoneyCalling all Earthlings! The fiscally responsible (and highly entertaining) vocal stylings of NPR’s Planet Money podcast will beam you down to the same level as high rollers, brainy economists, and regular folks in a fun and accessible way. Easily my favorite, this down-to-earth 30-minute podcast makes sense of the global economy without a single note of pretentious babble. Recent shows — Freddie and Fannie’s Rise and Fall, Economic History of Cheapskates, and 4th Graders Read A Credit Card Agreement — are educational, entertaining, and a whole lot of interplanetary fun.

2. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

Money GirlOnly have time for a quickie? Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life is a podcast for those pressed for time. Each episode — running around 6 to 12 minutes each — is a polished show by host Laura Adams, a personal finance author and trainer. Episodes are short, informative, and offer practical tips for managing money. Recent shows include: How Being a Lazy Investor Can Pay Off, How to Find a Second Source of Income, and Three Money Rules You Should Never Break.

3. APM Marketplace

Market Place Free PodcastAmerican Public Media’s Marketplace can be heard on public radio stations across the United States, and it’s also available as a free podcast to download for the rest of us. Covering major national and international stories in under 30 minutes, each episode relates business and economic news to the average listener’s wallet. This program boasts a lot of positive reviews in iTunes.

4. The Dave Ramsey Podcast

Dave Ramsey ShowBesting selling author of The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness and Southern star, Dave Ramsey is no stranger to talkin’ tough financial love with listeners on his hour long call-in radio show. If you’re into a little Southern drawl (with some right-wing attitude), give the The Dave Ramsey Podcast a download — it’s a 40-minute abridgment of his regular talk show. Every episode features Ramsey’s brand of common sense coaching while advocating a stocked emergency fund, a balanced budget, and a debt-free lifestyle.

5. Canuck Content, eh!

Canadian Business Free PodcastYou don’t need to carry loonies in your pocket to connect with some real Canadian content. Both the Canadian Business Podcast and the Financial Post Big Picture Podcast offer in-depth views of the week’s top finance and business stories. Go ahead, give both a listen for a distinctly Canadian focus.

6. Fareed Zakaria GPS By CNN

Fareed Zakaria PodcastI asked the fine people on the Squawkfox Facebook Page (go ahead and join us over there) for their top money podcast picks. Boy am I glad I did, ’cause Kevin Press recommended Fareed Zakaria GPS By CNN. I love this program for explaining complex global economic events in an understandable way. Host Fareed Zakaria is an exceptional interviewer. Download this one today and you’ll feel at least 10 IQ points smarter. Maybe. 🙂

7. Sound Investing

Sound Investing PodcastMoney Magazine named Paul Merriman’s Sound Investing Podcast the “Best Money Podcast” in 2008. Three years later this program continues to air interviews with “some of the best and brightest minds in investing”, current market analysis, and a myriad of topics focused on everyday investing.

8. Weekend Business By The New York Times

Weekend Business PodcastCatch up with the weekly business and finance news by tuning into Weekend Business by The New York Times. Hosted by Jeff Sommer, the Times assistant business editor, this fast-paced 30-minute show is a surprisingly fun listen. Recent podcasts include: Lessons From I.B.M., Consensus On Health Care, and Financial History That Rhymes. Yeah, rhymes.

9. The Consumerism Commentary Podcast

Consumerism Commentary PodcastThe Consumerism Commentary Podcast is a professional show by veteran personal finance bloggers Flexo and Tom Dziubek. When not blogging at Consumerism Commentary, these guys keep busy by interviewing guests about money management, debt, budgeting, consumer issues, and investing. Heck, they even interviewed me here: Podcast 6: Frugality and 397 Ways to Save Money

10. Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool Money Free PodcastThis weekly podcast calls itself an “irreverent, fast-paced look at the world of business and investing.” Meh. Motley Fool Money has a lot of positive reviews for dissecting Wall Street’s headlines, but this predominantly investing podcast spends many minutes looking at stocks. If you’re into the stock market, then go ahead and give this one a listen — I’ll stick to investing in ETFs and index funds to happily avoid all the ‘market forecasting’ banter. 🙂

BONUS: RadioLab

RadioLab PodcastBONUS: My absolute favorite podcast on the whole dang internet is WNYC’s Radio Lab. There’s nothing like it. It’s not about money, but if you love amazing stories featuring interesting people, science, music, and a wealth of experiences then this show is a MUST. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab is produced by WNYC public radio.

Your Thoughts: Go ahead and share your top money podcasts. I’ve missed a million of them, that’s for sure.

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