I’m bugging out and killing fruit flies dead. Sorry for the hostile language. But if you’re like me and have lots of fruits and vegetables hanging around your home, then eventually you’ll be a buzzing with these little flies. Elimination is key to maintain one’s sanity.

To help you trap and get rid of each and every fly, I’ve put together this little do it yourself homemade fruit fly funnel trap project to help remedy the situation. This simple, easy, and cheap trap is environmentally and fruit fly friendly. Yes, you can set your flies free after capture.


DIY Items:

Stuff you’ll need:

  • empty jar or bottle (smaller bottle necks are better)
  • sheet of paper
  • tape
  • piece of ripe fruit


To make a fruit fly funnel trap:

  1. Take the sheet of paper and make a funnel or cone shape. Tape the outside of the funnel to secure.
  2. Place piece of ripe fruit into jar.
  3. Insert funnel into neck of jar. Be sure funnel fits snugly. Use tape to secure funnel to jar neck to prevent fruit flies from escaping. Use tape to seal all gaps between jar neck and funnel.
  4. Place fruit fly trap in an open area on a flat surface. The flies will be trapped and unable to escape from the jar.


After baiting this trap just sit back and wait. Once the funnel trap is a buzzing, feel free to set your flies free in the great outdoors, or not. There ain’t no flies on me. Snicker.

Preventing Fruit Flies: If you don’t want to be swatting little flies, prevention is key. Keep fruit in sealed containers away from open areas.

Ever had a fruit fly infestation? Do you have any other fruit fly remedies or traps? Please get buzzing and share in the comments below.