Carrying a balance on your credit card can put you in a sticky situation. Paying all that interest isn’t exactly peanuts, and dealing with credit card bills every month can leave you feeling roasted.

You know what’s nuts? We keep spending. Sure, credit card companies are crafty at finding ways to get you to pay with plastic. Reward programs, cash back gifts, and zero balance transfers are all lip smacking offers designed to get into your psyche and entice you to tap credit.

It’s time to stop being shell-shocked by these trickster ways.

credit card debt

Want to put a lid on your credit card spending? I have a smooth (or crunchy) solution to this gobsmacking problem.

Warning: Results may include tasty savings, and a few nuts.

Ingredients for credit card savings:

  • 1 small jar of peanut butter, $1.98 (OR Try my homemade peanut butter recipe)
  • 1 strong plastic baggie, $0.02
  • All of your credit cards

TOTAL COST: This $2 recipe could save you thousands. Try my Credit Card Calculator to see how much costly interest you’ll save.


Prevent credit card overspending with this nutty trick.

STEP ONE: Be brave. Gather all your credit cards.

credit card

STEP TWO: Wrap those pieces of plastic in a strong baggie. Seal shut.

credit cards

STEP THREE: Submerge that spending mess into a tasty jar of peanut butter.

credit card repayment

This is hard, I know. So take a lunch break — munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich should do the trick.

credit card debt relief

You can do it! Keep pushing those pesky credit cards deeper into the nutty butter.

credit card payoff

STEP FOUR: Make a face on top of that expensive mess to ward off temptation. If you open that jar, you’ll see ‘Mr. Sad’ staring back at you.

peanut butter

STEP FIVE: Put a lid on it. Twist cap on tight to prevent future spending sprees.

peanut butter credit card

STEP SIX: Refrigerate. An open jar of natural peanut butter needs to be cooled, along with your credit consumption.

Results will vary, but you’d have to be nuts to retrieve that gooey mess for a costly splurge.

credit card solution

Your Turn: How do you curb credit card spending?