I was chillin’ in my grocer’s produce section the other day ’cause it was hot outside (and I like fresh vegetables). I bet you’ve done this too. While passing by the bagged salads, fresh fruit cups, and tubed yogurts I couldn’t help but notice an entire section devoted to individual packages of carrots, snap peas, and apple slices. It all looked like cute kid snack food to me.

Intrigued, I glanced at the pocket-sized produce prices. I must admit that these little single servings of fruits and veggies were pretty darn cute, and shockingly expensive. A single 65g snack pack of carrots costs $0.99, while a 5-pack of apple slices whacked my wallet for nearly $5. That’s a lot of cash to shell out for miniaturized food.

butterfly snack

There’s another way. A fun way. Ok, a very silly way to encourage the kiddlets to eat healthy snacks while cutting daily lunch box food costs. Why not make your own single serving snack packs and craft them into butterflies, monsters, or funny faces?

butterfly healthy snacks

This is silly, I know. But buying fruit, vegetables, cereal, nuts, or whatever in bulk is at least 50% cheaper than paying for pre-packaged portions. Even including the cost for the craft, you’re saving money in your food budget while getting your kids involved in a fun weekend project.

I didn’t invent these butterfly snack packs — I probably saw them flying around Pinterest.com or something. However, I am probably (one of) the first to price out these insect clips and suggest them as an alternative to pricey snack packs. Making them is simple — even a kid could do it. 😉 Here’s what you need:

healthy snacks for kids

Butterfly Snack Pack Materials:

TOTAL COST: Spend around $0.25 on crafty materials and turn a boring snack into a fun (and frugal) experience. Plus, you’re treating the kids to a reusable craft project they can take to class. Add in the cost of food, and you’re still spending about 50% less than pre-packaged snack pack portions.



STEP ONE: Dab some glitter glue on one side of a clothespin. Stick wiggle eyes onto gluey side of clothespin. Let dry.

STEP TWO: Fill a snack-sized Ziplock baggie with your kid’s favorite treat. Distribute snack to corners of the baggie.

STEP THREE: Clip the clothespin over the snack. Stick antennae-shaped pipe cleaner into jaws of clip. Easy.


Now add these butterfly snack packs to your kid’s lunch box and turn their midday meal into something special. Puts butterflies in my tummy, that’s for sure.