Bloggers are a bunch of weirdos. Most write stuff online for free, some post photos for kicks, and many celebrate a yearly anniversary called a Blogiversary for fun. Since I’m a little bit weird (and whole lot of fun) I thought I’d start the year off right by wishing this blog a Happy Third Blogiversary, and rounding up the top posts you liked best.

Based on comments, traffic, and emails received, here are your Top 10 Squawks from year three on Squawkfox.

1. The real reason you’re broke

I took a moment to be mean, and you liked it. Your feedback was instant, and the media responded quickly too. This tough-love post got a big mention in Rob Carrick’s Globe and Mail roundup Broke? Cry me a river, was featured in a two-page Toronto Star spread Broke? Stop Whining!, landed a link in Time’s Your Money Blog, and was chosen as the “absolute favourite post of the year” by Kevin Press in Today’s Economy blog.

The media mentions are cool, but that’s not why this post tops my list — it’s because you didn’t hate me after I wrote it. 🙂

apple peel

2. How to Microwave Gourmet Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag

I wrote a fluffy piece about a tasty subject, and the internets gobbled it up. This post went a little viral after being featured on the front page of Lifehacker for two days, and the social media attention from StumbleUpon, Facebook, and Twitter together pushed the popcorn pageviews to over a million before year’s end. I guess you guys like affordable snack food. Yeah, me too.

gourmet popcorn recipe

3. Track your money with the Free Budget Spreadsheet

The most popular download of the year was the Free Budget Spreadsheet. This makes me happy ’cause I think budgets and spreadsheets are pretty darn cool.

free budget spreadsheet

4. Tiny Tarts: How to make Pie in a Jar

It’s a proven fact — jars make all frugal gifts better. Most posts on Squawkfox take me around 10 hours to write, edit, photograph, and publish. Pie in a Jar took me at least 20 hours. Since I snap every picture on this site myself, the posts with photos are the most time consuming, and thankfully among the most popular with you guys.

5. Yahoo! Front Page

Squawkfox grew to over 20,000 subscribers in 2010, partly because a few of my U.S. News & World Report posts were syndicated to the front page of Yahoo! Not many bloggers can say they’ve been tops on Yahoo! — I think I did it three times.

I’d love to send out a huge virtual thank you to U.S. News & World Report senior editor Kimberly Palmer for giving me the opportunity to make Yahoo! happen. Be sure to check out her blog, Alpha Consumer, and her new book, Generation Earn, for her amazing personal finance insight.

Yahoo Front Page Squawkfox

6. Dig yourself out with the Debt Reduction Spreadsheet

You wanted to get down to the business of paying down your debt, so I shared my debt-busting tools with you in my popular budgeting series. It took me a long while to write the How to Make a Budget series — complete with worksheets, spreadsheets, and free goodies — and the dang thing nearly killed me. It’s a good thing you liked it.

debt reduction spreadsheet

7. Should couples keep separate bank accounts?

I asked this seemingly simple question on the Sympatico blog and the readers responded like crazy. Do you merge your money in a joint account, or does your relationship work because you keep the finances apart?

I write for Sympatico every week, so be sure to follow me over there for financial articles with a Canadian focus.

Bank Accounts Checklist

8. How to Set Financial Goals

Do you have a financial goal? Yeah, I’m sure we’ve all dreamed of making a million, but have you ever figured out what it takes to get there? Everyone who downloaded these three goal-setting worksheets knows what I’m squawking about.

financial goal setting

9. Date with a Dragon

You like reading about first impressions, millionaire rich guys, TV shows, and Fluevog boots. So I wrote a long story about a short interview with rich guy Robert Herjavec from the TV show Dragons’ Den, and gave you some insight into the inner workings of my brain before a big interview. Yes, I was a bit of a mess. But the encouraging email you sent me was amazing. Thank you!

fluevog shoes

10. Best of the Money Blogs

I was never one of the cool kids in school (maybe you weren’t either), so when The Globe and Mail readership voted this bloggy blog the #1 Money Blog in Canada, I nearly fainted. Seriously. You can read the full Globe and Mail article here: The best of the Canadian money blogs.

For my American and world-wide readers, don’t let my Canuck citizenship scare you — Canadians are super friendly people, and Squawkfox is a blog where frugal living topics are broadly written for everyone. Yay!

Globe and Mail Best Money Blogs

There you have it — ten very popular posts to celebrate my third Blogiversary. Thank you for reading the blog, following me on Twitter, chatting with me on Facebook, and sharing this site with your friends and family. I wonder what frugal things I’ll squawk about in year four. 😉

Happy New Year!