“…weren’t my best ones,” writes Seth Godin. “Best is rarely the same as popular.”

Agreed. The stuff that drives The Interwebs to my site is not always the stuff that makes my heart sing. So, to celebrate my sixth year of blogging, I’m sharing both my high traffic-y posts and the articles that mean more to me than millions of eyeballs. Regular readers enjoyed the stuff I loved best too. I know, I have the email to prove it.

Posts The Internet Loved

Innuendo, phone $ex, price checks, free money, and an expensive puffy parka topped The Interweb’s favourite list in 2013. Yes, this is a blog about personal finance.

1. Is a $700 puffy parka really worth it?

Everyone in Toronto wears the same darn jacket, so I wrote about it. The The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick linked to my post. Social media sharing went insane. I still don’t get it. 🙂


2. Make a healthier McDonald’s Egg McMuffin for 65% less

Regular readers got the joke and sent me “muffin shots” of their healthy breakfast McMuffins. Don’t ask me what the perverts sent.


3. Target vs. Walmart: Where’s the best deal?

Target opened across Canada in 2013, so I live tweeted the chaos and did a price check against Walmart. Price Check posts are always popular here, which is good because they take a lot of work.


4. Find $100, pick it up?

Carl got a case of ‘The Morality Sweats’ in a Future Shop parking lot when he found a $100 bill. We nearly had phone $ex while figuring out what to do with the lost loot. Lots of comments on this post.


5. Why my $783 unlocked iPhone is a ringin’ deal

I made the case for skipping cell phone contracts and going on a prepaid plan with an unlocked phone. So much email from this post.


The Posts I Love

Parenting played a big role on my blog this year because I am a parent. Parenting can be hard, parenting can be expensive, and so I got really real with the emotions and financials of parenting. I did a lot of media on the ideas presented in these posts too.

6. Can you raise a child for $3,000 a year?

A big institute wrote a silly study on how easy it is to raise a kid on $3,000 per year. I did a take down. Many parents thanked me.


7. The crazy cost of daycare

I just signed a $1,600 daycare cheque. Fellow parents with young kids felt the pain too, and we all collectively cried on our keyboards thanks to the honesty in this post.


8. Why I hired my husband to be my wife

Sometimes daddy is the best mommy to take parental leave. Do the math to decide.


9. What I really want for Mother’s Day

Fellow moms and many dads sent me kudos for writing this piece.


10. Being resourceful is child’s play

I shared a glimpse into my Wonder Years and took you back to the days of dough balls, fishin’ holes, and the creativity behind childhood.


Have an awesome 2014.