What’s your reaction when you experience a setback, face a failure, or feel challenged? Admit defeat. Never try again. Make the same mistake twice. Take a forever break. Or do you get back in the saddle?

Look at your track record. When you’ve fallen off the financial horse and have drained your budget buying bunk, what did you do to improve?

The tenacious give themselves a kick in the butt and get down to work. They pore over their receipts, dig themselves out of debt, discuss spending habits with their spouses, and build better budgets.

The meek go shopping.

Here’s my saddle. I’ve fallen off this tough piece of bike leather a few times in my life. It hurts. I’ve broken bones. I’ve been laughed at. But it’s my saddle, and I choose to get back up.

Go ahead. Borrow my saddle. You know what to do.