Don’t despair if you’re still scrambling for a cheap and easy Halloween costume this year. I’ve had a few emails from readers asking for more costume ideas. So I’ve put together this second Halloween costume article full of unique, perhaps sexy, and punny ideas for your dress-up pleasure.

These last minute costumes are for the budget conscious and time strapped. All you need is a bit of creativity, some regular clothing, and a few minutes to get yourself ready.


Doggone Despair: Tivo, the Blue Heeler wunder mutt, really hates her costume this year. Poor pooch.

Here are 10 last minute Halloween Costumes ideas:

1. Go as Broke

Wear some pants with deep pockets. Pull the pockets out. Wear one shoe. Try not to smile.

2. Devil with a Blue Dress On

Wear some horns, get a pitch fork, and put on a blue dress. Get some stiletto heels to sexy it up! If you’re a guy, fitting into the dress is punny enough.

3. Beauty Pageant Winner

Wear an old prom dress or bridesmaid gown. Put on lots of makeup. Make a sash. Go as “Miss” (something silly): “Miss Congeniality”, “Miss World Peace”, or “Miss Can’t Hold Her Liquor”. Don’t forget to smile, lots.

4. Mail Order Bride

Wear your wedding gown (or dress in white). Draw a postage stamp and fasten it to your gown. Find a tiara. If you’re a couple then bring your man in a tux.

5. Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Get a white shirt, black pants, and a green apron. Wear a visor or cap. Get some coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop. Wear a name tag. Get caffeinated.

6. iPod Commercial

Dress in black. Wear your white iPod ear phones. Dance around. Wave your hands in the air, like you just don’t care.

7. Michael Phelps

Slip on a Speedo, a swim cap, and a pair of goggles. Get some yellow cardboard and cut out 8 circular medals, string them around your neck. Bring your mom and get her to cheer you on.

8. Carrie

This movie still scares me. Wear a prom dress. Cover yourself in red goo. Scream.

9. Birthday Suit

Wear a suit and a birthday hat. Cover yourself in streamers. Sing “Happy Birthday” at random intervals throughout the evening. Or go naked. It’s your party.

10. Main Street vs. Wall Street

This is a couples costume. One person dresses in a suit while the other wears a plaid shirt, jeans or overalls. Cover the suit in Monopoly money. Cover the plaid shirt in fake overdue bills. Arm wrestle. Or just kiss and make up!

Helpful Halloween Tricks and Treats

Here are some quick tricks for getting Halloween ready.

OK, I’m all Halloweened out (and so is my poor pooch). Get dressed for your scary best and have some safe spooky fun this weekend!

Have any Halloween tricks or treats to share? Got a fun frugal costume idea?