Your Career is Calling: Five Ways to Kick Start Your Job Hunt


This article is the introduction to a four part series on the ways to kick start your job hunt.

I love the words “job hunt”. Whenever I hear someone is “job hunting” I conjure an image of some dude in a loin cloth tip-toeing through a forest and foraging through the help wanted section in a newspaper. Forgive.

In reality, most people wisely wear more than a loin cloth when pursuing the perfect job. If you’ve ever been out in the wild hunting for work, you know that searching for and snaring a job is a full time endeavor. Being hungry for work and finding only a few nuts and berries can be frustrating. So how do you seek out and capture the tastiest careers? How can you entice the best employers with your skills? This five part series can help.

Job Hunting Series:
  1. Choose Your Career
  2. Find Your Job
  3. Research the Employer
  4. Make Your Match

About the Series:

In this series Your Career is Calling: Five Ways to Kick Start Your Job Hunt I’ll explore and reveal my favorite ways to choose a career, find the elusive job, examine an employer, and match skills to the perfect position. I have shared these methods with my closest friends and I’ll put then online for you too.

So Now What?

Before starting this Job Hunting Series I highly recommend you review the self-exploratory tools and tips available in an earlier series called: Five Paths to Job Perfection. Since this Job Hunting Series builds upon the principals gathered previously, it would be beneficial to review the worksheets and tips to bring you up to speed. I’ve done my bestest to make it sexy, delicious, and fun … so come back when you’re ready.

If you stick with me over the next few days, I believe this series can help you find your career calling and snare that perfect job. Job hunting is a both a science and an art. With the right tools and mindset, your hunting and gathering days will be done. The loin cloth is totally up to you. 😉


  1. Ryan May 28, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Color me interested. As someone who has been at the same job since 1995 and thinks about leaving a lot, maybe I can at least live vicariously through this! 🙂

  2. hank May 29, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    I’m actually a big fan of ALWAYS being on the job hunt. Keeping your resume out there all the time and listening to all offers as they come across – never a bad idea. I haven’t ever been in the situation of being let go or fired and needing to search for a new gig, but I HAVE always kept my ears to the ground… …it’s just that the current company has been really good!

    Another benefit to keeping ears to the ground and offers coming in is that even if you DO love your job and your company, showing them that there is interest outside the immediate surroundings will often keep them bumping your salary to keep you around! 😉

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