Whisked away for the weekend!

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So I haven’t forgotten about you gentle reader.

It seems my better half decided to whisk me away for the weekend in celebration of my birthday. The rules for the weekend were simple:

  1. I was not to bring my computer.
  2. I was not to think of finances.
  3. I was to eat, drink, and celebrate getting older. Yay.

So now that my birthday weekend is over I’ve gotten back to:

  1. My computer.
  2. My finances.
  3. Exercise and good nutrition. Yay.

Today was a good one gentle reader. I finally switched my TD eFunds account into a full TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage account. Switching my account was pretty simple as I met with a TD “financial sales/advisor” who basically did the paperwork and sent my application electronically. I must admit I don’t really enjoy opening new accounts. All those questions really annoy me…like “What is your salary?”, “Are you single or not?”, and “What is your net worth?”.

Answering these first two questions was quite simple. But when the TD advisor asked me my net worth things got weird. I basically just pointed to the six-figure box which is where I’m at. She looked at me like I was, well, lying.

I suppose my salary box and my net worth box really didn’t make sense as I make an average salary. I wanted to explain to the advisor that having a little money is really more a function of spending less over making more. It’s not about how much one makes, but how much one doesn’t spend. But instead of trying to explain my situation, I just let her think I was a telling financial tales. O well.

Now that I have my new account, I will be moving forward on investing in ETFs, and looking into dividend paying stocks. I am really nervous and kinda excited. I am in no rush, but I would like to invest soon. Yay.

Happy Birthday to me!


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