Reader Question: How to Subscribe to Blogs with RSS?

2008-10-15T20:09:25+00:00 Squawk Back|

I’ve received a few reader emails asking me about RSS, Feed Readers, and how to subscribe to blogs. ‘Cause I’m a friendly sort of Fox, I’ve written a simple little tutorial explaining the process. It’s not a technical explanation. I’ve just used simple language to help you out. If you’ve wanted to learn about RSS Readers, or you subscribe to blogs through email updates, then this article may interest you!

Read the article:

Bloggers: This article may help you increase your subscribers. Feel free to link to the post to better explain the technical jargon to your prospective subscribers! Here’s the link:

If you’re already an expert RSS News Reader, then feel free to skip this post. That’s the power of RSS Readers, non? 🙂

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