Purse and Wallet Essentials: What Stays & What Goes

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Ever wonder what you must carry in a purse or wallet? Are you doing everything possible to protect yourself from identity theft? What would you do if your wallet was lost or stolen?

Unwrapping your wallet questions and pondering your purse contents is what this three-part series is about. There’s no need to go to hell in a handbag with this designer handbag advice. You don’t need a Coach purse or a Louis Vuitton wallet to take these simple steps to minimize your risk, stress, and liability when faced with identity theft. Besides, you may just find that carrying less junk in your trunk can save you big bucks!


1. Junk in Trunk: Removing Dangerous ID

Learn what dangerous pieces of identification should be removed from your purse or wallet to minimize your risk of identity theft. Carrying a cluttered purse could cost you if lost or stolen.

2. Keeping Safe: Carrying the Right Stuff

Are there things that should be kept on our person when driving, biking, walking, and traveling? Could not carrying the right cards and identification endanger our health, our safety, or our life? Learn what essential items and identification you should always carry on your person.

3. Lost or Stolen: Preventing Identity Theft

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft before your identification goes missing and find out how minimize the damage after your wallet wanders off.

What are the essential items you carry? Do you leave certain pieces of ID at home? Ever been a victim of identity theft?

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