Last Minute Gift Ideas: Printable CD Covers

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Every year I find myself needing a way to wrap a custom CD for someone special. Being a bit of a photo nerd, I love to give my family and friends a personalized photo CD filled with the year’s special events, family functions, and fun candids. OK, sometimes I give a mixed music CD too. 🙂

The problem is, how the heck do you wrap a CD when it doesn’t have a jewel case? Gaw! This is where readers like Sarah S. come in handy. Sarah emailed the other day ALSO looking for a way to wrap those shiny discs. Since we both have the same issue, I thought I’d get a little crafty with a free way to Make Your Own CD Covers.

Download: Printable CD Covers

These printable CD covers can also double as tree ornaments — just get a needle and thread a hanger through the corner!

Here’s how to make your own CD cover:

1. Go ahead and download the Printable CD Cover Template, and then print it out. Make sure your printer isn’t scaling the template smaller — a CD should fit into the inner square!

cd covers cd dvd cover

2. Use a pen or pencil to trace the template onto heavy card stock. Thicker paper is easier to handle and keeps the CD safe.

cd covers make own cd covers

3. Use your scissors to cut the pattern out along the solid lines.

4. Fold the corners along the dashed lines. You may need to score the paper with a knife or scissors if you’re using very heavy stock.

5. Place your disc in the center and fold the CD cover closed.

cd covers music cd covers

6. Seal your CD cover closed with a holiday sticker or bow. Make your CD an ornament by using a needle and thread to add a tree hanger.

cd covers music cd case covers

If you’ve got your CDs covered, then maybe you just need a gift tag for those last minute presents under the tree? Check out these free 6 Printable Gift Tags, (including these super cute printable gift tags from Santa!)

printable gift tags from santa

Many thanks to Sarah S. for suggesting this frugal fix for a common CD problem! 🙂

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