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Squawkfox named ‘Best of the Money Blogs

Squawkfox is the #1 Money Blog in Canada, as voted by The Globe and Mail readership. Personal finance columnist Rob Carrick calls Kerry “a smart, self-sufficient friend who is generous with good advice about frugal living.”

“Writing the Squawkfox blog has helped make her possibly Canada‚Äôs foremost voice in frugal living …” — Rob Carrick, The Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail Best Money Blogs Squawkfox

The Globe and Mail | Best of the money blogs | By Rob Carrick | May 26, 2009

Reality TV — Million Dollar Neighbourhood

Kerry is regularly invited as a ‘Money Saving Expert’ on news programs and reality TV shows. She recently shared her top money saving tips on the reality TV series Million Dollar Neighbourhood (OWN Canada). Kerry makes her debut at the 32:00 minute mark in Episode 1 — Hidden Money.

About Episode 1 – ‘Hidden Money’
The neighbourhood must reach their weekly $100,000 goal by uncovering the hidden money in their taxes, by gathering all of the spare change in their homes, and by eliminating their credit cards and living cash only. Watch Online Here!

The Wealthy Barber Returns

Financial guru David Chilton mentioned Kerry and Squawkfox in his highly anticipated book, The Wealthy Barber Returns.

Just turn to page 219 to see all the wonderful things Chilton had to say. Kerry probably owes the man dinner.

David Chilton Rocks

The Globe and Mail | Globe Investor

The Globe and Mail | Me & My Money:
Investing on the cheap
| By Larry MacDonald | April 9, 2011

MoneySense Magazine

Looking for 62 easy ways to save without sacrifice? Check out the April 2011 edition of MoneySense Magazine where Kerry shares many of her money saving tips with journalist Sarah Efron. The Squawkfox chicken stretching experiment — 1 Organic Chicken, 22 Healthy Meals, $49 Bucks — was also included in a sidebar feature!

MoneySense Magazine | Cover Story: Save $750 Every Month | By Sarah Efron | April 2011

Globe Investor | Home Cents

The Globe and Mail Blog.

The Globe and Mail Blog | Home Cents | How to keep investing fees from eating up your nest egg | By Roma Luciw| April 13, 2011

The Toronto Star | Moneyville

A special report on smart borrowing.

Toronto Star | Some debt is good, but most is dumb | By Paul Brent | March 14, 2011

The Globe and Mail

A globe special report on RRSPs and TFSAs.

Globe and Mail | Why choose a TFSA over an RRSP? | By Paul Brent | February 4, 2011

The Toronto Star

A special report on investor education.

Toronto Star | Broke? Stop whining! | By Paul Brent | October 13, 2010

Let’s Talk Investing Series

A co-production between the Investor Education Fund and the Globe and Mail.

10 tips to reduce your daily expenses with Kerry Taylor and Rob Carrick

Why should I budget? Kerry Taylor and Rob Carrick

How to stop wasting money with Kerry Taylor and Rob Carrick

More Magazine

In the November issue of More Magazine, financial journalist Dan Bortolotti writes about the lucrative business of credit card and bank fees, and shares seven ways to lower them — with frugal ideas from Kerry.

More | Freeze your fees | By Dan Bortolotti | November 2010

Canadian Living Magazine

The December issue of Canadian Living ran a little (ok, big) feature called Have Yourself a Merry (Budget-Friendly) Christmas — and interviewed Kerry.

Canadian Living | Have Yourself a Merry (Budget-Friendly) Christmas | By Jill Buchner | December 2010

Business News Network (BNN), Headline

BNN’s show Headline did a show on “Living Frugally” and invited me to speak on air.

BNN Business News Network Headline Howard Green

Business News Network: Headline | Living Frugally | Host Howard Green | September 11, 2009


The Ottawa Citizen | The Vancouver Sun | CanWest Papers

The CanWest News Service papers featured Squawkfox across their network of papers.

canwest papers vancouver sun ottawa citizen

The Vancouver Sun | Enjoy the good life on a crimped budget | By Lisa Hrabluk | September 2009

The Toronto Star

Canada’s largest daily newspaper.

toronto star squawkfox book

The Toronto Star | Thrift without misery | By Trish Crawford | May 28, 2009


The National Post | The Financial Post

Jonathan Chevreau, The Wealthy Boomer, reviews my book!

nationalpost financialpost wealthy boomer

The Financial Post | 397 Ways To Save Money | By Jonathan Chevreau | July 6, 2009


Canadian Business

The online home of Canadian Business, MoneySense, Profit magazines.

canadian business magazine larry macdonald

Canadian Business | The 398th way to save money | By Larry MacDonald | July 7, 2009


The Globe and Mail

Canada’s largest-circulation national newspaper.


The Globe and Mail | Professional cheapskates give their 2 cents on coping during tough times | By Steve Ladurantaye | January 10, 2009


globe and mail poll best money blogs

The Globe and Mail | Best of the Money Blogs | By Rob Carrick | July 7, 2009



The Globe and Mail | How you can tighten your belt in a recession | By Steve Ladurantaye | January 9, 2009


globeandmail leah mcLaren 397 ways to save money

The Globe and Mail | Repairing my world – one broken fingernail at a time | By Leah McLaren | June 5, 2009



U.S.News features Alpha Consumer, a site on how to save money, avoid scams, manage debt, and be a savvy shopper.


U.S.News Alpha Consumer | How Much Do Bloggers Make? | By Kimberly Palmer | August 18, 2008



A daily blog featuring tips, shortcuts, and downloads helping you get things done more efficiently. All bloggers dream of being featured on Lifehacker. I’ve made the front page a few times…

Lifehacker | Skip Produce and Fresh Goods at Bulk Stores like Costco | By Whitson Gordon | April 21, 2011

Lifehacker | Make Microwave Popcorn Using a Simple Brown Paper Bag | By Jason Fitzpatrick | August 7, 2010

Lifehacker | Stop Wasting Unexpected Income | By Kevin Purdy | July 20, 2010

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Lifehacker | Six Words You Should Drop from Your Resume |By Adam Pash | January 22, 2009

Lifehacker | Stay Motivated with the Printable Workout Log |By Adam Pash | January 8, 2009


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