Pink is for girls: What’s up with all the gendered toys?

Kerry K. Taylor

I tried to buy my kid a toy. Shock with a side of horrified happened. What’s a parent to do?

2013 Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Gadgets Worth the Money. Maybe.

Google Nexus 7

Every year I share the gadgety things that help me cut costs, raise my productivity, and make me smile while sticking to a thrifty budget.

I’m so done with holiday sales events. Maybe you should be too.

Black Friday

I’m all about saving money, but I think Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a Canadian thing called Boxing Day are weird ways to go about it.

5 Days of Holiday Bull$hit


Tell me what bugs you most about the holiday consumerism that was Christmas, and I’ll promise to never send you any free crap in the mail.

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