Gimme Gimme More: How to tame the ‘Gimmes’ and set gift expectations


Holidays and birthdays can create a case of the gimmes, but a general desire for stuff can happen at any time of the year. I talk about taming gift expectations for kids with host Bruce Sellery on CBC’s The Exchange.

The Olive Rule: Track your spending to prevent the pits

The Olive Rule

A simple spending tally was all it took to see I’d been spending $75 per month on olives. Seeing where your money is spent can be an eye-opening (and jaw-dropping) experience.

House hunting? Here’s what a million bucks buys you


I crashed a few open houses. The results are a little horrifying.

Five unconventional ways to get your financial act together


Yes, building a budget, tracking spending, and paying yourself first are the tested pillars of saving money. But adding a few unconventional strategies into the mix can add to your bottom line too.

What the markets did in 2014

market predictions

It was a tumultuous year. Basically…

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