The Computer Apocalypse: Three signs you need to upgrade

upgrade hard drive

An easy-to-follow guide for upgrading your computer on a budget.

Being resourceful is child’s play

Kerry K. Taylor

Having the ability to find clever ways to overcome difficulties, the creativity to reuse useful stuff, and the foresight to see the magic where others have failed to gaze could take you far. It’s child’s play, really.

Best of 2012: Top 10 Squawks of the Year


The top ten Squawkfox articles from 2012.

The presents were placed under the Jumperoo with care…


From the family of Squawk, wishing you all a very happy holiday.

Honey, I shrunk the blog? Yep, we’re mobile!

squawkfox mobile

I shrunk ‘The Squawk’ to fit your iGadget of choice.

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