This page contains a sampling of my media appearances for the promotion of my book, 397 Ways To Save Money. Most of my media experience has been in radio, with several successful call-in shows.

In 2009 I did around 25 radio appearances. These radio interviews were usually scheduled for around 5-7 minutes, but the host often kept me on the line for over 20 minutes. Phew! I’ve found call-in shows both fun and challenging since I have no idea what questions will be asked of me. I always have to act fast on my feet, er phone. 😉

Radio Appearances

Television Appearance

Here I am on Business News Network (BNN), with only 24 hours notice. 😐 Speaking into a camera in an empty studio was a surprising challenge.


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Both my blog and book have been featured in newspapers across Canada. Check out my News Page to see my print media mentions.


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