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Stuff I Do

I’m primarily involved in personal finance journalism, financial literacy content creation, and public speaking.


I have previously worked as a programmer/writer creating technical software development tools and documentation for computer scientists, engineers, technology students, and other nerds kinda like me. I am currently taking the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). I have a journalism and computer science background. I am not a financial planner nor do I have certified financial services industry training.

Income Sources

I regularly give keynote speeches, provide financial literacy training sessions, participate in panel discussions, and freelance money stories. On I run banner advertising and earn affiliate income through Amazon Associates. My clients include the business media, software companies, law firms, teacher federations, educational institutions, parenting groups, libraries, and local businesses.
I write regularly for the The Globe and Mail (paid) and irregularly create video content (unpaid). I write irregularly for MoneySense magazine (paid) and irregularly create video content (paid). I write irregularly for Today’s Parent magazine (paid). I have a journalism background.
I am a biweekly (approximate) contributor to CBC’s On The Money with Peter Armstrong (unpaid) for personal finance and money-related topics.
I contribute irregularly to The Marilyn Denis Show (unpaid) on CTV for personal finance and consumer advocacy-related topics.
I appear irregularly on Global News, CTV News, CBC News, CityTV News, Business News Network (BNN) (all unpaid) for personal finance and consumer-related topics based on the news cycle.
I have worked irregularly with software company Flipp Corp. (paid) creating videos and speaking publicly on the advantages of digital flyer apps.

I have written blog posts and have created educational videos focused on financial literacy for Tangerine Bank (paid).

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