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Wow. There are actual people at the other end of the CRTC email addresses! So yesterday, I wrote about how Telus just added a $2.95 long distance access fee to those customers without Telus long distance plans. Here’s what the CRTC says:

Thank you for contacting the CRTC concerning the new long distance administration fee recently implemented by TELUS.

I would like to advise you that the new fee is related to long distance services which the CRTC does not regulate. However, in response to concerns raised similar in nature to yours, the CRTC is in the process of reviewing the issue.

In the meantime, we suggest that you contact TELUS directly to voice your concerns. If you are not satisfied with TELUS’ response, you may contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) since TELUS is a member of the CCTS. The CCTS is an independent agency with a mandate to receive, to facilitate the resolution of, and, if necessary, resolve eligible consumer and small business complaints relating to certain retail telecommunications services.

All complaints to the CCTS must be filed in writing:
– by postal mail: P.O. Box 81088, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1B1
– by fax: 1-877-782-2924
– by completing the online complaint process:

On behalf of the CRTC, thank you for sharing your concerns with our office.


Michelle Edge
CRTC Client Services

1-877-249-2782 toll free/sans frais
819-994-0218 facsimile/télécopieur
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2

Government of Canada/Gouvernement du Canada

Wow. I guess the CRTC can’t do much now to help me out. It is nice to know that the CRTC knows about the issue though!
Looks like my next step is to fill out an online complaint!



  1. Pauline Naykalyk February 9, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    I made the huge mistake of switching to Telus in Dec 2008 (only because I needed to be able to receive collect calls) and I’m still waiting for them to fix the problems with the TV and the internet. A tech is coming out tomorrow so we’ll see but I highly recommend that people avoid Telus at all costs because my experience with Telus has been nothing but a nightmare. I finally stopped calling them for awhile because I needed a rest from dealing with incompetents. It is beyond me how any company can still be in business if this is how they conduct themselves. Unfortunately I’m now tied into a contract so we’ll see if they fix things tomorrow or not.

  2. Gumfoot March 19, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    I chose Telus’ $20 for 200 minute plan in a 3 year contract (and a Motorola Razr2 PCS phone). I also agreed to try out some additional options like web access and text messaging knowing that each time “I used those options” there would be a charge but I wanted these options in case I needed to download updates from the web or if I wanted to send a text message. Unknown to me, simply by agreeing to have web access, Telus took it upon themselves to send my phone web update requests so each time I used my cell phone, it would check the web for updates and simply by agreeing to text messaging, Telus decided to send me daily informational text messages each of which cost me an additional $1.00. I was not a heavy cell phone user but I typically used my phone 3 or 4 times a month and I never sent a text message or checked the web myself but my monthly bills were close to $70.00 for this $20/200 plan. That is gouging the customer.

  3. Abb K. July 14, 2010 at 1:56 pm


    I made the huge mistake of signing a 3 year contract with Telus for a $20 plan that came out close to $80 every month. However, I was fine with all that up until I started being charged for reasons none of the agents could justify. I was charged $180 for two months. I call in to inquire about this, and after being tossed between 5 different agents and being on the phone for 3 hours (absolutely no exaggeration), I am finally told by a manager that the charge is from the month of April, which our department FORGOT to charge you… so the amount is being carried forward now (which is JULY). WOW, thats all I can say… simply the worst customer service yet. Coming from a manager, in her own words. Their mission statement is to satisfy our customers… really? By blaming the customer and charging them for a mistake that your department made 3 months ago?

  4. FRUSTRATED With Customer Sevice (Lack of) August 17, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Wow, you are in the same boat as me, and I am not the only one. We signed up in December 2009 for a clear and data plan on 2 blackberry curves. Our cell phone plans are around $128 a month before taxes. After taxes around $150 for the last 2 months. Anyways, my wife breaks her phone, and she gets a new one under the service protection plan that we pay each month. We figure out later that when we put her new phone on the account it will cost us $10 to do it online or $25 at the store or through customer service for an esn swap (replacing phones). Well, the troubles keep piling up. I took my phone in because it died on me when we tried to do an update on the computer. We take the phone in to the store, and they tell me oh that will be $150 security deposit for a loaner phone. I am like what? Are you serious? So I said whatever, I need my phone for work. They give me a blackberry pearl. (what a huge inconvience). That evening I left the store, and I discover that I cant set my email up. Try to go online, and I have no internet service. I go back to the store, and ask for help, but the guy doesnt help me but give me a website to set everything up at home. I am even more frustrated. I leave, and I talk to my wife, and she says no we dont want a Telus e-mail. So I go back, and I try to talk to the other store rep, and he just passes me off to the original person I dealt with. The guy tells me the same thing, and just wants to play around with his cell phone (saw it with my own eyes). I gave up, and went home to try the website on my home computer. Went to the computer, and tried the website, and it said i had to try on my loaner blackberry. I call into tech support, and they tell me a simple 1-2-3 soultion. Phone works on the network. The tech rep also tells me that he is suprised they asked for a $150 deposit. I call Telus customer rep, and they just argue with me all these are standard fees. I am so ticked now. Then, my wife calls me to say that they charged $10 per month for the last 2 months for navigation (gps) which she never used. She had also removed the application from her account once before, and she just removed it again. I call back and tell the rep that she needs to take it off the account. She says okay I will take it off, but next time you use it, you are responsible for the charges (never used it before). Now back to my loaner phone, I get facebook notifications, but when I check for the notifications, there is nothing there. I have to check on a computer at home. I dealt with it for 2 whole weeks.

    I went to pick my phone up on Saturday at the store, and I begin using it again, but I dont have interet again. So I call my wife to ask her if she remembers what she did. She guides me through it, and I am connected, but I still have to set up the rest of my data apps,eg. bbm. (forget it the store reps are useless). Later that night, I discover that 2 of my keys are not working. I call Telus, and they are doing system upgrades, and will be done the next day. (It was Tuesday before I got talking to a rep after trying to get through.) My wife also discovers that there is a piece of hair or a scratch under my screen. My wife goes back to the store to see what they will do with my cell phone. The girl just takes the phone apart, and my keys are magically working again. As for the scratch or piece of hair in the screen, she says they cant waive the activation fee for a loaner phone. They will just do as normal send the phone away and you get a loaner phone for $150 that sucks as ever. I called retention, and they say we dont want you to leave, but this is how it is. So Frustrating! Telus needs to stop gouging the customer because we are ready to leave!

    And people dont ever sign another contract because they will get you while hooking you on a 3 year contract!

  5. Rob August 27, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Just got my new Telus bill Effective Sept 21 Telus will charge $2.00 month for a consumer to get their bill. No problem with Telus new found charge to force their customers in contracts to use e-pay. Telus can make up any new charges they so choose. (as they were going broke sending me paper bills)

    My concern here is now that Telus has added their new charge is my contract now open for renegotiation. I wanted to cancel my contract they will not let me without a $280 charge. I have no choice as a consumer.

    Unlike other types of transactions I can shop or bank elsewhere if they change the charges at little or no charge. I am locked in with Telus and have no choice.

    Where will Telus charges end?

    Current customers under contract should have some protection. If I renew or sign a new contract no problem I have been disclosed the fee.

    File your complaints about Telus here:

  6. Ramon July 8, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    On July 01 I was with my family at Canada Place in Vancouver celebrating the Canada Day. We visited Telus showcase at Canada@ Play inside Canada Place.
    We lineup for few minutes and about 12:30PM we got in; at the entrance the two kids of the family in front of us got promotional bags,sunglasses and lips balm for each of them,
    my two kids (4 and 6 years) got only one sunglass and one lips balm for both of them, I asked the Telus lady at the entrance if I can get the same thing or a bag for my little one and I was told only if I sign in.
    I also asked other Telus person for a promotional bag and he told me “yes, only because I like your jacket”.
    We are Asian descendants and the family before us are not, they got full promotional gifts without signing and we have to beg for it. I don’t know what to think about this incident, I’ll call it discrimination.
    Telus not only have the worse service, they hire people with attitude’s problems.

  7. Greg Aldous August 16, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Just got off the phone with Telus because or text message charges. Telus is running a bait and switch program where they sell you a phone and contract advising that you have unlimited text in North America. Then they change their minds in the middle of the contract and start charging for text messages outside Canada and off course point to the fine print in their contracts. Well verbal contracts are also bound by law and the salesperson who sold this entered into a contract by offering unlimited text in North America. That is the only reason I bought into the plan and now I am stuck paying for something that I no longer have. Criminal but our government lets them get away with this.

    Bell played games over 30 years ago with me and vowed to never deal with them again. It is 30 years now and they haven’t had a cent from me. Telus is now going to get the same treatment as I advise everyone to stay clear.

  8. sveta July 19, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Terrible! They give you one price, and you are getting totally different bills. Then you have to dispute your bill monthly. I was patient for 2 years and now I have shaw. Hate them!!!!!

  9. Bruce October 25, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I was a telus customer for 6 years and always paid my outrageous bills on time. I was laid off so had no choice but to cancel this expensive luxury. Well I knew i would be required to pay a get out of contract punishment fee but told them I would pay what I could when I could. Anyways after a few months I had paid them what I owed but they dont have a record of my payments. I tried contacting them but to say their customer service is terrible is a huge understatement.When ever it got to the point in the conversation were I said I have proof from my bank that I had made my payments..bang.. put on hold or disconnected. Then then sent a credit agency after me and because the amount they stated I owed was so little I just paid it AGAIN to get them off my back. No such luck they still continue to state I owe them money. I have paid them in excess of $50. more then I had owed them but they have misplaced it so the fault is mine. This has got to be the worst company I have ever delt with and I am 55 so have delt with a few. A warning to anyone STAY AWAY FROM TELUS

  10. Wayne March 25, 2013 at 10:22 am

    I entered into a 3-year contract with Telus for landline, TV, and internet. Telus keeps increasing the prices with no apparent benefit to my service, and there is nothing I can do about it until my contract expires. It’s piracy.

    In less than two years I will be ending my relationship with Telus.

  11. Chester Davis March 28, 2014 at 11:48 am

    We switched to Telus over a year ago for phone internet and tv. We were told we would pay $88 per month for the first 3 months and about $120 after that Every month since the first bill we have been charged from $124 to as high as $415. Every month I spend as much as 2 hours mostly on hold, trying to get the bill close what we agreed on. Every month they say a promotion expired or a service went up. I said I was cancelling and was told I would be charged for disconnect!!

  12. Paul Hughes July 31, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    A few years back I canceled my Telus phone line and went with a Shaw bundle that included home phone. I had been happy with my phone service and did not mind paying a extra to keep my land line working. When it started to get terrible static on the line I called Telus to have it repaired. I missed three days of work for three different service call appointments while the technicians tried to find the problem inside my house. The first technician told me it was likely the line into the house but he did not have time to fix it. When I was absent the fourth tech stapled a new line along the walkway where everyone enters my house damaging the siding. At this point I canceled my Telus service and went with Shaw phone service.

    On July 17 a Telus salesperson came to my door. He assured me that the service issues had improved and that he could give me a better package than Shaw for home phone, internet and cable.
    My appointment was for 9:00 am this morning, with a 9 to 11 window. It is now 6 pm and no technician has arrived. After calls to Telus a dispatcher called me to say that they were running late. It is now 6:00pm and no technician has arrived.
    I had time sensitive errands that I needed to do this afternoon. The total cost to me from waiting for Telus service is over $1,280.
    How do we force companies to keep their appointments for service?

  13. Melvin September 3, 2016 at 11:50 am

    This letter is to tell everyone how tel us screw me over and my family. i been having nothing but problem with my internet YV for a while now, many times has tel us been to my house and change the modem and fix my TV. i finally had enough and place the called on aug 19. i told them what the problem was and that they need to come an fix the problem once and for all, i still had a little of bit TV, WiFi and phone line before the technician came. i had to fight with tel us to come and fix my problem right away as they told me they couldn’t get someone at my house a week from than, i told them i need this fix right way as i have young kids and they are out of school so they need some kind of entertainment, any way they finally came in after a big argument and the technician spent 2 hours and at the end of all that he made things much worse, he cut my TV,WiFi and phone line and he left with out telling us that he did all that. We only found out when we tried calling tel us to complain in the crap situation they left us, tel us left us dead on the water and they didn’t even tell us. after many complains, talking to many managers because they couldn’t stick to one, many ESCALATING problems that they call it, i was told that there is nothing they could do because they need it a ground crew to screw around with the under ground cable as it was beyond the technicians fixing,,WHAT, i had PHONE LINE, TV, INTERNET, before he got here if i would have known what crap situation this was going to be i would have just left it alone and still have internet, and a land line, but now for 2 WEEKS i haven’t had TV, 2 WEEKS with 3 young kids at home. Again after fighting to get someone here to fix this they told me that it would happen until Aug 27 it was the best they could do, fine. i waited until the 27. When the day came i got a voice mail telling me to be ready and clear some room so when the technicians, or crew who knows, have access to the boxes. Well guess what they never came and when i called to see whats going on tel us told me that they would be coming the day they told me but that they will be there SEPT. 1. Yea you can imagine how i felt or may be not, i scream WHAT, i wanted to reach through the phone and start swinging. i couldn’t believe what i was hearing.Well make things short i had no choice and waited again. OK is now Sept 1 i called and ask them when is the technician coming to hook up my system inside the house now and they told me they couldn’t get anyone there until a week from than, i lost it by now so i told them to get some one here ASAP, so after an argument they did and guess what the tech told us, that the ground crew never came, fix the cable or even touch the box outside, they didn’t even come. This hole time all the managers had been lying to us, they never contacted us to tell us whats going on, we had to always call them. during that period if all of this fiasco, they was a fire beside my house complex thank god it wasn’t serious, my kids were home at the time how are they to call 911 if they had to. If anything would have happen to my kids, this would had been on TEL US and have a big liability law sue in their hands for failing to provide me with the service they offered me. All the managers at tell us lied to us specially HERMANUS 1855-392-6316 EXT 1406096, i was dealing with him and my wife too. i am so discus, angry, mad of the trouble, stress tel us out us trough. Till this date i have nothing at home working. we used all of our data from our phones just to talk to you, spent who know how much time talking to tel us and trying to get results but came out blank. We did everything on line, bill payments, back to school payments, well you can guess, we had to go and use my family net. i cancelled everything with tell us yesterday and now i had to go with the other guys because tel us couldn’t give us service or help us. Shame on you and your service, if i was to have a business you would have put me out of it already. You didn’t even care and were rude when we told you we were canceling your service now that you weren’t getting my money. shame on you for forcing me to change my cable company and now i have to wait almost a week to get service with them but at lease they’ll come. i can keep going. Thanks a lot, WORSE SERVICE EVER.

  14. blair church December 4, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    my brother has been trying to get customer service on the phone to get satelitte out here to our place and the first time he called he was on hold for almost 2 hrs and still no one came to talk to him. we are trying to get tv here as shaw does not have a tech to install up here where we live, the other day he spent over 30 min on the phone to get service and still nothing , it is costing me time and wasting my min on my phone, they want customers but not willing to answer the phones , what is up with this we did have a tech come out once and tried to get a signal but could not get one and said that he would have to come out at a later date, when we called him he said that we would have to contact telus to get a work order done, that is what he did for 2 hrs and 30 min in 2 days , why would they also say your wait time would be only 15 to 18 min and then be 30 min and not operator, i think the crtc should look into this and find out why it is taking so long.

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