Savings Calculator: When Will You Be A Millionaire?

savings calculator compound interest calculator

Free savings calculator that shows you how long until you’re a millionaire.

Credit Card Calculator: Reduce Your Credit Card Debt Faster

credit cards credit card credit card debt 1

Pay off your credit card debt faster with this free credit card calculator.

Calculate Mortgage Rates with the Mortgage Calculator

mortgage calculator mortgage rates mortgage payment calculator

Want to know the impact of current mortgage rates on your mortgage? Think it’s time to refinance? Or maybe you’re looking for your first home and want to calculate your mortgage payments. But before calling your bank and signing your moolah away on a mortgage, do the math yourself to see if you can handle […]

Calculator: Should You Buy a More Gas Efficient Car?

Want to know if it’s time to trade in your current gas guzzling car for a more fuel efficient car? The Should You Buy a More Gas Efficient Car? calculator goes the distance by letting you know when it’s time to trade in the SUV for something more like a hybrid. You may just be […]

Video: How to Use the Gas Mileage Calculator

Want to see the Gas Mileage Calculator in action? Since I’ve had a few questions about the tool and how it works, I decided to put together a little video to show you how easy it is to calculate your fuel consumption. Here’s the information you will need: Distance driven (Miles or km). Amount of […]

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