Squawkback: What Were Your 3 Worst Financial Decisions?

It’s time to move from the light and face the dark. Let’s turn to the dark side. No, I’m not squawking about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon or turning to Star Wars for The Force. (Although both would make exceptional Halloween costumes, snicker). Since last week we boasted about our Best Financial Decisions, […]

Squawkback: What Are Your 3 Best Financial Decisions?

It’s Squawkback Wednesday. The “hump day” of the week where I squawk a question and you comment back. This past week was one of economic uncertainty. During these times of stock market swings and billion dollar bailouts, lets look at the positive side of life and consider our best financial decisions. Where have you excelled […]

New Tool: Portfolio MER Calculator

I’m really excited to reveal my new Portfolio MER Calculator. I wanted to create a calculator to show you how those hideous management expense ratio fees (MERs) can eat up your mutual fund portfolio returns, year after year. My hope is you will save big investment bucks tomorrow by learning how your fees eat into […]

ING Direct Streetwise Funds Vs. TD Index e-Series Funds

ING Direct keeps sending me marketing material detailing their new “Streetwise Funds.” I wrote about these new funds earlier this month (ING Index Funds? Huh?) and argued that I preferred the TD e-Series Funds (index funds) based on lower fees (MERs). What I failed to realize at the time was the ING Streetwise Funds are […]

Don’t Panic!

The markets are down. Both the Fed and the Bank of Canada have cut rates. The media are very negative and are reporting doom and gloom stories. Am I upset? No! The markets are cyclical and will rebound. I actually view the current market down-turn as a positive and a fantastic opportunity to buy and […]

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