5 Ways To Be Prepared for Costly Natural Disasters

helicopter waterbomber forestfires

Be prepared for a natural disaster at home with these tips. Learn how to make a disaster kit.

14 Things to Do Before and After a Car Accident


It’s been a week since I ate my car’s airbag. Feasting on a deployed automobile safety feature is not something you want to do any day of the week. But if you happen to one day get into a car accident, there are things you can do to prevent further injury for yourself and those […]

The Costs of a Car Crash


While many were eating dinner on this Easter holiday, I spent Good Friday eating an airbag. My “better half” and I were driving along the highway past a big farm when an oncoming truck unleashed it’s rear dual wheels in our direction. Flying wheels are not something you want to see heading towards you on […]

15 Free Printable Home Inventory Worksheets

Download this free 15-page printable home inventory booklet to help you track your belongings in case of loss.

How To Buy Life Insurance Without Getting Screwed

I’ve been thinking a lot about life insurance lately. I don’t have a death wish or anything, but I think life insurance is a neglected area of personal finance which requires some Squawkfox attention. Without a proper or adequate life insurance policy, you can leave your dependents in financial disarray if you happen to make […]

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