Make Your Own Diaper Sprayer for 29% Less

diaper sprayer

Clean the mess from your cloth diapers for less with this simple DIY Diaper Sprayer. Illustrative plumbing photos show you the 8 easy steps.

12 Gift ideas disguised as Christmas ornaments

clear glass christmas ornaments

Hiding holiday gifts in plain sight is a sneaky Santa move. You could save some money too.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Printable CD Covers

cd covers cd dvd cover

Download these free printable CD Covers and give the gift of music.

8 Pumpkin Stencils: Scary Printable Pumpkin Faces (and Marilyn Monroe)

pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces frankenstein

Download free pumpkin stencils and free printable pumpkin faces for Halloween pumpkin carving.

Back To School Tips: How To Make A Sling Backpack

back to school tips backpacks

It’s easy to make a sling backpack with these simple instructions and easy to follow pictures.

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