Medical Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

The Medical Expense Tracking Spreadsheet is part of a financial planning series called How to Make a Budget. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction.

Reader Question: Kerry, I’ve been following your budgeting series — where’s the best place to record my medical expenses? Right now I just stack everything in a pile. But by tax season I’ve often misplaced a few receipts and have lost track of what was reimbursed by my medical expense insurance plan. Got a spreadsheet or medical record form for someone like me? — Jen

Download: Medical Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

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Answer: If you need to keep additional records on medical expenses, go ahead and download the Medical Expense Tracking Spreadsheet. Over the years I’ve used it to track various doctor, dentist, and physiotherapy costs, and a few non-traditional health care costs as well (acupuncture, anyone?). Anyhoo, if you have prescriptions, lab tests, glasses, and other related medical expenses, indicate those costs in the Medical Professional Paid column.

This spreadsheet is just a starting point — a guideline of sorts — so feel free to add columns or change headings so they work for you and your family. And if you’re not a fan of spreadsheets, print out this download and use it as a simple medical record form. Easy.

I added a column for Mileage, just in case it’s a tax-deductible expense in your neck of the woods. The columns Date Submitted and Insurance Reimbursement are for families paying medical bills before submitting claims or paying the differences not covered by insurance and needing to keep this information separate.

Keep all your receipts in a safe spot, and during tax time this spreadsheet should help you save a lot of time. I know it helped me when I needed knee surgery. Cheers, Kerry.

Got a spreadsheet or worksheet request? Leave your asks in the blog comment section. 🙂 I love reader requests!

Squawkback: What’s your tip for tracking medical expenses?

Your two cents:

  1. Nick November 1st, 2010

    this seems similar to a regular budget spreadsheet, i think these are a simple and great way to keep track of your expenses.

  2. The SOFT Blogger November 1st, 2010

    Really like the spreadsheet!

    I think a lot of people can use this or customize it for their own use. I know for our clinic that patients have a tough time keeping track of what they’re spending or how much they might be able to claim on their income tax or through insurance.

  3. marci357 November 2nd, 2010

    You’re so sweet to share this!

  4. Ms. February 12th, 2015

    Would love to see a spreadsheet for daily medications and meal times (ie, someone who takes at least 25 meds a day – 4 times a day some on empty stomach, some taken 2x a day spread 12 hours apart, some with food… etc.)

    I’m making one from scratch now, looking to modify … something! thanks

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