8 Pumpkin Stencils: Scary Printable Pumpkin Faces (and Marilyn Monroe)

It’s that time of year when the ghouls get ghoulish, the devils get devious, and the ghosts get spooky. Yes, it’s Halloween people! Last time I posted a series of Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns for your downloading spooky pleasure. Or try these Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs or 20 Extreme Pumpkin Carving Designs (from Frightful to Fabulous) if you want more of a pumpkin carving challenge.

Due to popular request (you can stop emailing me now), I’ve used my pumpkin carving prowess to make pumpkin faces! So go ahead and carve a bat, paint a Jack O’Lantern, or get freaky with a Frankenstein face. These pumpkin stencils range from easy to challenging, so pick your favorite face and get carving! I’ve even included a Marilyn Monroe pattern for those looking to throw a more stylish Halloween party.

pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces bat pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces frankenstein
Download: Vampire Bat (PDF) Download: Frankenstein (PDF)
pumpkin stencils marilyn monroe pattern template pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces jackOLantern
Download: Marilyn Monroe (PDF) Download: Bow Tie (PDF)
pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces devil free pumpkin carving patterns pumpkin faces pumpkin stencils ghost
Download: Evil Devil (PDF) Download: Ghost (PDF)
pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces jackolantern stencils pumpkin stencils pumpkin faces jackolantern stencils painted pumpkin ideas
Download: Happy Jack (PDF) Download: Classic Jack (PDF)
Pumpkin Stencils: Free pumpkin faces for some frugal Halloween fun


Pumpkin Stencils: Free pumpkin faces for some frugal Halloween fun

Download these free pumpkin stencils, carve a few pumpkin faces, and have a Happy Halloween!

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Pumpkin Carving Stencil Instructions:

  1. Download and print the pumpkin stencil you like best.
  2. Use scissors to remove the black area of the stencil. Leave the white space free from scissor marks.
  3. Trim and make small incisions in the stencil. This helps it to lay flat on the face of the pumpkin. Tape the edges of the stencil to the pumpkin.
  4. Transfer the pattern by tracing a marker or pen along the stencil. Alternatively, poke holes along the pattern with a tool or needle. Remove stencil.
  5. Prepare your pumpkin by removing the top or base. Remove the pulp and seeds.
  6. Using a sharp knife carve a scary face! See How to Carve a Pumpkin for some scary tips!

When picking your pumpkin from the patch be sure to select a squash that suits the stencil. Some patterns work better on rounder, squarer, or taller pumpkins.

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