Win My Book! 397 Ways To Save Money

I’m doing something a little bit different today. OK, I do things differently most days. But today is special because I want you to win my book 397 Ways To Save Money. I’ve got a couple of copies sitting on my kitchen table and I think they need a better home.

397 ways to save money giveaway

There’s a catch though, you have to earn it. To win one of two giveaway copies here’s what you’ve gotta do:

Share your best money saving tip by commenting on this post. Feel free to get creative or be serious. The point is to comment and share YOUR BEST idea – so don’t tell me to cut off the end of a toothpaste tube to save a fraction of a cent, cause that’s weak. The best two tips win the books. My decision is final. 🙂

Some Squawky Rules:

  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. Your email address stays private, promise.
  3. Comments must be left before Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at noon (Pacific Time).

I’m also happy to say that my book is back in stock after hitting the Amazon Top 100 earlier this month. So if you emailed, tweeted, or commented about my book being sold out then now is your chance to get a copy. A huge thank you to Kate, my editor, for rushing in a reprint for both Amazon and Chapters. You can still download a Free Excerpt if you’re into PDFs of books.

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I’ve had a few readers ask me to share my experiences with living on an organic farm and to share some personal stuff about me. Since this blog is more about living on a budget, I decided to start a Facebook page to share other details not entirely related to frugality. Facebook is also a great way to connect with people, share photographs, and comment on life in general.

Hope you like red bras and grapefruit. Smile.

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I’ve been a regular twit on Twitter for over a year now. If you’re into Tweeting with a group of Tweeples, then go ahead and …

I really love Twitter. It’s a fun way to connect with others in 140 characters or less. So go ahead, I dare you to Tweet me.

Book Reviews!

Over the last while several bloggers and a few reporters have reviewed my book. Check out their frugal thoughts and favorite money saving tips. A big thank you to all who have taken the time to read 397 Ways To Save Money and shared your thoughts.

Now don’t forget to share your best money saving tip by commenting on this post.

Your two cents:

  1. Brandon June 30th, 2009

    I like Theresa’s “BE GREEN” and Nora’s “EI Savings Strategy”. I don’t mind mine either, but I’m a bit biased on that front.

  2. maxmelia July 5th, 2009

    Bartering is one best way to save money. We have been doing it forever.:)

  3. James Sprenger June 29th, 2016

    Seriously… I eat before I go grocery shopping and have a list. I go usually after dinner in the mid-week. The sale items are usually in stock and the lines are lighter. It really helps with impulse control of buying non-essential items.

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