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I’ve been farming this week. It’s not sexy, glamorous, or delicious. Actually, getting covered in dirt is kind of sexy and fun…but seriously not delicious. I’m back next week with a bunch of helpful and humorous posts for your reading pleasure.

Dear New Email Subscribers: Looking for your eBook?

I just want to send a quick note to all new email subscribers waiting for your new eBook: Frugal Food & Fitness: How to get fit and fab without spending a fortune! I’ve discovered a glitch which makes instant eBook delivery a challenge.

It seems if I don’t publish a post on the day you subscribe, “the email system” will make you wait till my next post is delivered in your email. Since I do not publish daily, some of you guys have been left waiting. I’m very very very sorry for the delay as this was not my intention. I wanted everyone to get an instant eBook! 🙂 I am hoping getting this article in your email helps.

Here’s how to download the eBook if you subscribe by email:

  1. First Subscribe to Squawkfox by Email. You will get an email in your mailbox asking you to Activate your Email Subscription.
  2. In this email, click the link to Activate your subscription.
  3. If I publish a post on that day, you will get the new post in your email with a link at the bottom to Download Frugal Food & Fitness eBook. Here’s an EXAMPLE of what the link looks like:


If you still cannot find your way to eBook nirvana, then PLEASE send me an email via: squawkfox [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll make sure you get your eBook. (I think I’ve figured out the problem, and for once it’s not me). Besides, I like email and my friends think I’m friendly. 🙂

Wise Bread: Top Personal Finance Blogs by Women!

The fabulous folks over at Wise Bread did a spotlight feature this week listing the Top Personal Finance Blogs by Women. I’d love to thank Lynn Truong for mentioning Squawkfox among her list of wonderful female writers. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a female perspecitive pertaining to frugal living and personal finance! 🙂

Around the Personal Finance Network:

My Personal Finance Network friends have been super duper busy this week. Here’s what they have to say:

  • Quest for Four Pillars writes on multi-level marketing in Dreamkillers.

I’ll be less covered in dirt next week so stay tuned for more fun stuff…who knows…maybe I’ll have some more downloadable tools for you. 😉

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  1. Four Pillars August 9th, 2008

    Thanks for the link!


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